PictureOne Heart family Ministries was started because of the vision and passion the Lord gave to Robin and Dave Kruse to reach out to children struggling in the foster care system.
The Kruse's became a foster family in 1990 and over the years have had the opportunity to adopt four of their foster sons. The adoption and foster care experience has been such a blessing for them that they wanted to let others know how they could be a part of making a difference in the life of a hurting child.

Robin and Dave witnessed first hand the negative effects of moving from one home to another has on a child in the foster care system. This motivated them to start One Heart. They wanted to find more Christian families to nurture these hurting children. Children in the system feel unloved and they struggle with their identity and self-worth. You can see the pain in their eyes and how desperately they want someone to care for them and to love them. They just want a family of their own and someone to call them Mom and Dad.

The Kruse's knew they were limited to reaching only a few children. The Lord brought together the Kruse's and Eddie and Judy Gett's who shared the same passion. Together with the Lord's direction they started One Heart Family Ministries in hopes of finding hundreds of children a Christian family to care for them.

Since January of 2004, over 240 families have been recruited and trained to be Missouri State foster and/or adoptive families with One Heart!

Emily Nienhuis has had a passion for foster care and adoption since she was a young child. While growing up, Emily's parents were foster parents to over 40 children. Emily has two biological siblings and 4 adopted siblings.  In 2000, Emily became a foster parent herself. She has been a foster mom to 24 children. God has blessed Emily with being able to adopt 6 girls through the foster care system. For the past 11 years Emily has worked for One Heart Family Ministries recruiting, assisting in training and supporting Christian families who are foster and adoptive families. Emily says, "The journey through foster care and adoption has not always been easy, but God has met my needs and my kids needs each and every step of the way. The blessings have greatly surpassed the challenges!"