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How we recruit
One Heart recruits Christian foster and adoptive families by making presentations to churches, sharing testimonies about foster care and adoption, speaking to small and large groups, as well as one-on-one meetings with those interested in foster care and adoption.

We are open to anyone, single or married, who is interested in becoming a foster or adoptive family. Families are encouraged to join our support groups to receive the training and advice needed to care for these children.
This recruitment will include crossing cultural barriers to reach families of all nationalities and color. One Heart is committed to being a multi-cultural ministry to help any child in need of a family.

We walk families through the foster care and adoption process guiding them spiritually, emotionally and physically each and every step of the way.

Training and Preparation
One Heart will provide the state foster care and adoption training and find an agency in the area to complete the home studies free of charge to the families we recruit. This agency will then hold your foster care/adoption license.

  All applications are due one month prior to the start of class, to be able to match with local license agency. Classes will be held once a week, in the evenings from 6-9pm for nine weeks. This class will be held at the One Heart office.  Most agencies are recruiting families who are interested in being foster parents for children of all ages and ethnicities. We are especially in need of foster parents for sibling groups. The children currently waiting to be adopted are older elementary school age, sibling groups of 2 or more children, and kids with special medical or physical needs. Adoptive homes are being sought for these children.

Missouri State Application

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Support From One Heart Family Ministries

Support includes spiritual guidance, regular support group meetings, legal assistance, training on various adoption issues, counseling, medical and dental contacts, assistance with the physical needs of foster and adopted children and any type of social work they may need.

Our Ministry walks families through the foster care and adoption process. We are there to answer any questions you may have about foster care and adoption. This can be an overwhelming and challenging journey and we hope to make it easier for everyone involved. We want to be a support to you in anyway we can.

Adoption Subsidy

The Missouri Adoption Subsidy Program is designed to encourage potential adoptive parents to adopt children with special needs by providing support and resources to these families. Subsidy agreements are negotiated with the adoptive parents and authorize specific benefits to meet the needs of the child. Subsidized financial, medical and support services are available to the adopting family until the child is 18, or in special circumstances, age 21.

Basic services provided by the subsidy program include:
Monthly maintenance payment, to be applied toward the cost of raising the child and meeting his/her needs
Medicaid, which includes payment of medical, dental or other care, can be obtained from the Missouri MC+ program as either a supplement to adoptive families private medical or dental insurance plan or where no private or medical or dental insurance exists.
Day care payment for services is available to working families
Legal fees

Subsidy is available to adoptive families of children who have previously been in custody of the Children's Division, Division of Youth Services, Department of Mental Health, or a licensed child placing agency and meet special needs criteria.