Levels of Care Training

Traditional (initial training)

30 hours of MO C.A.R.E. training


MO C.A.R.E. training + medical training specific to child’s needs

Level A/Behavioral

Moderate emotional/behavioral needs; MO C.A.R.E. training + 18 hours of Level A elevated needs training

Level B/Career

Severe mental health diagnosis/behavioral needs training; MO C.A.R.E. training + 18 hours Level A training + 12 hours Level B elevated needs training. Requires 1 year experience providing care to a child with mental health/behavioral needs.


30 hours MO C.A.R.E. training; specialized training for providing care to pregnant teens, parenting teens, youth stepping down from residential, or youth with severe emotional/behavioral needs; a clinical team, a licensed clinician, an educational advocate, a RN, 24/7 crisis management, and an evidenced based curriculum to implement in your home.