2023 End of Year Giving

December 2023

2023 Is quickly coming to an end. One Heart is thankful for all the financial support. One Heart has served many families and trained 33 new foster families. One Heart sees the value for in-person training and  continues to host all classes in person.  

21 families completed state required training, which brings total to 542 families
13 children adopted into One Heart families, which brings total to 344 children adopted!

381 children have served at the Valley Park foster closet this year
327 children have been served at the Des Peres foster closet this year. Opened in March 2023!

303 children received gifts for Christmas Blessings program 

 On average, One Heart families are fostering approximately 175 children at any one time, in addition to the 344 children that have been adopted into One Heart homes. 

One Heart 2023

One Heart in 2022