Families that feel supported are able to care for children when things get tough.

One Heart will walk alongside you during the training and placement process. We will guide you physically, emotionally and spiritually along this journey. We will be a listening ear when you are in a difficult situation or need assistance navigating the “system.” By attending the state required MO C.A.R.E. training at One Heart, you are forever a “One Heart Family.”

As part of the One Heart family, we help meet some of your physical needs through diapers for little ones, back packs filled with school supplies, and backpacks for foster kids filled with items needed the first night a child joins your family. We have a Christmas blessing program that provides christmas gifts to kids in your home. One Heart will also host trainings and continuing education courses for foster and adoptive families. We offer a few social events for our families throughout the year so you can connect with people that are walking the same journey. While we would love to support all families in the area, the donations we receive are limited and priority is given to families that have completed the STARS training with us. One Heart is here to support foster and adoptive families in any way we can!

"I appreciate the support - with physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Often the newsletter (with devotionals) arrives just when I need that reminder- God has this. His hand is in this and He is right here in the trenches with us and the children"