Support Families

How can you support foster and adoptive families in your church?

Do you have foster and adoptive families in your church? They could use your support. Caring for kids from traumatic situations can be stressful and time intense. What could you do to care for them?

  • Bring them meals when new kids join their family or just to give a parent a night off from cooking
  • Donate new/gently used clothes (Support Foster Closets)
  • Help get a bedroom ready for a new child
  • Meet them at church to help get their children settled in the kids program or sit with them in church to help keep kids content during church
  • Send them gift cards for groceries or household items
  • Host a parents night out for foster and adoptive families at your church
  • Become a licensed Respite provider

The list is endless.

Respite Provider:

Respite care is short-term care that allows the foster families to have a break, go on vacation or attend to a family situation. To become a licensed respite provider You must be 21 years old, pass a CAN report (Child Abuse & Neglect) and a background screening. You must also have a home assessment (walk-through) completed.

"One Heart has been a huge blessing by always helping us to care for our children. Raising kids can be expensive and the blessings we receive from One Heart help us do the “extra” we would not be able to do."

Diane, foster/adopt mom